Student Spotlight – Nathaniel Thomas – Class of 2018 – The Man of Many Distinctions


Photo Courtesy of Nathaniel Thomas

As a Varsity Soccer starter, Cum laude member and participant in both chorus and theater, it would be hard to avoid seeing Nathaniel Thomas on the Cape Henry campus. Nathaniel was born in Cleveland, Ohio on March 9th, 2000 surrounded by suffering sports teams (Browns, Indians, Cavs) and a river that, at one point, caught on fire. Eventually in 2004, Nathaniel and his family moved to Virginia Beach, and he began attending Cape Henry. Since that time, Nathaniel has impressed his teachers with his intelligence, work ethic, and overall desire to learn.

While in school Nathaniel says he enjoys the availability of the teachers, “I like the bonds we can create with the teachers and how they always noticeably try to help.” His favorite teachers are Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Kerbin because of how helpful they have been to him. Nathaniel’s plans after graduation are to attend Princeton and study medicine. When questioned about where he thinks he will be in ten years, Nathaniel responded, “I don’t know, but I will definitely have less clothes on than I do now,” showing his notorious comedic side. Then he responded, “Hopefully working as a physician in New York.”

When Nathaniel is not studying, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. These same people would describe him as both charismatic and eccentric. When he is with his family, Nathaniel attends and works with the church, taking part in their Everest program as a group leader.  Nathaniel also enjoys playing soccer outside of school on his club team and on indoor teams with his friends. Nathaniel made his debut in the Cape Henry theater program last year in the musical  Anything Goes and plans to make a reappearance on stage this year as well because of how much he enjoyed it last year.

Undoubtedly, Nathaniel has had a very successful school career and will surely move onto great things. Mrs. Kerbin commented on Nathaniel saying, ”He always pursued every problem and never left any unfinished.” It is through this work ethic that he has left his mark on this school and surely will continue to do so wherever he goes. Whether in a lab studying medicine, on a field playing soccer, or making people laugh, he always impacts the people around him.