Sarah Blais – Class of 2020 – Soon-to-Be Prima Ballerina


Sarah Blais takes standing tall to a whole new level. Photos courtesy of Sarah Blais

Many of you may not know that Sarah Blais is a skilled ballerina. Sarah, in the graduating class of 2020, was born in Norfolk, Virginia and has lived both there and Virginia Beach. She lives with her mother, father and 19-year old sister. Sarah has traveled to all of the states on the Eastern shore as well as Colorado and California. She has also traveled to Puerto Rico and Israel as well. Israel stands out to her because being Jewish, Israel is like a second home to her. Unfortunately, she is not involved much around the school due to her rigorous ballet schedule, but still finds time to play in the upper school orchestra.


What does an aspiring prima ballerina’s schedule consist of? Sarah spends 4-5 hours a day at rehearsal, almost every day of the week. She spends day after day striving for ballet perfection, but also remembers to have fun.  Since she is doing something she loves, Sarah does not always see it as a chore. She commented, “You could spend hours a day on pointe, till your feet bleed, if you are having fun, you will not even tell the pain you are in.”


Sarah is most proud of all of her accomplishments throughout her ballet career. Despite the difficulty and high level of competition, she works hard everyday to perfect her technique. Sarah stays humble even with great opportunities and recognition, such as being selected to participate in America’s largest ballet competition called The Youth America Grand Prix.  Incidentally, the YAGP has a knack for finding ballet’s big names of tomorrow.  Namely, Sarah Blais.

Ballet is not the only thing that Sarah wants to do with her life. After high school, she will hopefully attend college and study genetics. In 10 years, she will have finished grad school with a major in genetics, because her biggest dream is to become a genetic scientist and cure some of society’s major diseases.

To her friends and family, Sarah is known as kind and caring. “She is funny, kind, a gorgeous dancer, and a truly amazing person, ” said Mckinley Chittenden (Class of 2020). Sarah believes an important character trait is being respectful, because she believes that respect is something everyone deserves; ultimately, she hopes that is how she will be remembered. She also thinks about Cape Henry the same sort of way. Sarah stated, “I would say the community because there is really nothing like it. I feel so lucky to attend this school. There is constant support and respect towards everyone. The love and care in the atmosphere while on campus is incomparable.”


Sarah is an amazing girl. She has big dreams for her life one day, but tries her hardest to live each day to the fullest.