Survive Without Bumpers


Photo Collage Credit: Masha Root

Survive without bumpers was a senior project for Colby Jones. Her project also was a fundraiser for the NOLA trip to New Orleans. The event was held March 23rd and 24th after school. Colby Jones says that she “got a lot of good feedback from teachers and the students.” She also mentions that some students wouldn’t mind doing it next year. The hardest part for Colby was the planning and getting the word out. Colby says, “I didn’t think getting the word out was going to work, but it all worked itself out in the end.”

There were a total of five teams that played which included The Ninjas, Risky Business, Red Barons, Middle School Mamacitas, and the Mad Hatters. With a total score of 837, the Red Barons won the tournament, with the Middle School Mamacitas not far behind with a score of 739. Senior Alex Beisel was on the team Risky Business. She said that the tournament “was a really unique fundraising opportunity, and I’m glad to participate in it.”

Not only did students participate but teachers did as well. The Middle School Mamacitas was a team of Middle school teachers including Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Dodzik, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Whitney, and Ms. Hinck. Mrs. Sharp said, “Spending an afternoon with friends, colleagues and students was a perfect Friday activity.”