Trump’s First Fifty Days in Office

Donald Trump has been in office for over fifty days, and here are some of the the most important and controversial acts he has passed.

To start out, one of the first executive acts he passed was a law that banned people from seven countries from entering the United States. These countries include Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. So far this ban has had two major problems that have come up since it was signed. The first one is from a district judge from Washington state who claimed it is unconstitutional, and in response Trump made a degrading statement about the judge.  Incidentally, the claims made by the judge were upheld by U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The second issue is Trump’s own defense department stated that these countries aren’t the ones the country needs to worry about and some haven’t ever committed an act of terrorism against the United States in the first place. There is a  new replacement ban that limits now six Muslim majority countries from traveling to the America and seeking visas for 90 days. The country that has been removed from the new ban that was a part of the old one was Iraq. The new ban also included suspending the refugee program for 120 days while also limiting the number of refugees America will take in annually.

During these first fifty days Trump’s family experienced negative comments about the youngest son Barron and how he had mental problems. Senior Madeline Ober stated, “ No, criticizing his son and making false accusations that he appears to be “mentally disabled” is not only wrong but embarrassing for their family. Not liking him as a president is one thing, but disrespecting his family is another.” However, this isn’t the first time the President’s children have been made fun of, but this is one of the quickest times that the teasing and rude comments have stopped.

Shortly after the criticism of his family started, the administration put an end to it and one woman ended up losing her job over a tweet about the young son and his make-believe disabilities.

Another important aspect of Trump’s first fifty days as President is the links his administration keeps having with Russia. Not only have there been rumors about Trump siding with Putin or Russia hacking the election that have yet to be proven true, but also his cabinet picks and people involved in the campaign have had numerous links to the Russian government.

Two people in particular who have been linked to the Russians are Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions. Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions both denied that they ever talked to Russian government officials. However, both have been found contacting the foreign state. As for Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, he ended up stepping down from his job. Stephen Colbert from “The Late Show” responded to the news by stating, “It’s funny because it’s treason” regarding Michael Flynn’s talking to Russian officials.  As for Jeff Sessions, who was picked to be Attorney General and the Head of the Justice Department, he has faced no charges for lying to Congress about not being involved or talking to the  Russian ambassador.

When asked to respond to Trump’s overall impact, Junior Veronica Beggs said, “I honestly don’t have an opinion on Trump. I’m not going to protest against him or anything.  Nothing really bad has happened yet to make me hate him. But I think people should give him a chance because we cannot change who becomes president now since it was a fair election.”

The last controversial topic that has risen from Mr. President’s first fifty days is taking away the rights of transgender citizens from using the bathroom of their choice instead of their gender at birth. This issue caused an uproar throughout the celebrity community which included Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry going to social media and asking people to help protect trans rights.

These are not all the major issues that have been involved in the starting days of the new administration, rather they highlight ones that affect the most people and have been reoccuring since day one.