Out of this World

The Varsity Dance Team, along with the Lower and Middle Schoolers, had their first showcase on November 10th. Every season has a theme; in the past some themes included Circus, Disney, Movies, Seasons, and now Outer Space. The dancers worked hard since school started to perfect the dances. Every season’s show gets better and better along with the technique of the dancer. Over the years the dancers have improved dramatically and are continuing to improve.

This showcase consisted of the lower, middle, and upper schoolers. The Middle schoolers opened the show with Alien. There was a duo performed by Sarah Schreiber (Class of 2021) and Sierra Guluzian (Class of 2020). They danced to the Doctor Who theme song. Then there was a solo performed by Nikol Tang (Class of 2018). Dressed up as astronauts, the Prekindergarteners danced to “Interplanet Janet.”    The show was closed out by the Varsity Dance Team, performing a jazz number to the Glee version of “Starships.” Mrs. Hazelwood says that the showcase was a success. She was also proud of the Varsity Dance Team doing the turn sequence together in the “Starships” dance.

Mr. Angilly commented that in his three years here, this was the most together he has ever seen the upper school dancers. He also mentioned that in those three years, the dancers have improved and continue “to blow his mind.” McKinley Wheeler Chittenden (Class of 2020), a Varsity dancer, commented, “I absolutely loved the little kids’ dances because they were so adorable!” She finished with, “I think everyone worked hard and it paid off!” Rae Kilby (Class of 2018) couldn’t agree more. Rae said, “It was tons of fun and the atmosphere was great as always.”  Rae added that she is most excited for the upcoming winter showcase and hopes it’s “just as impressive!”

As a dancer in the showcase, I would say this was a successful show. Dancing is a sport and an art, and that’s what makes it amazing. I have been here for three years, and it is amazing watching my fellow dance mates growing and improving. Now it’s time to work on the Winter Showcase. We have already started a dance and are very excited. Again, great job to all the dancers, their hard work, and dedication to the arts.