Bravo! Peter and the Starcatcher


Peter and the Starcatcher – The story of how Peter Pan became an “ageless hero” (Jeremy Gerard – Bloomberg)
“Interactive”, “ humor for all ages” and “fascinating” is how some people in the Cape Henry community describe the recent Upper School production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

A prequel of sorts, this play is the story before Peter Pan, explaining “how a miserable orphan boy becomes the legendary Peter Pan” (Music Theatre International). In this play, the actors did a fantastic job at becoming the props and multiple characters. Julia Skeen, Class of 2018, explains, “This show is really interactive. All the players have multiple roles. For instance, I play four different roles in this show including a sailor and a pirate.” The cast started working on the play close to the end of summer vacation.

David Damuth, Class of 2017, tells us that they have been working on the play “until 6 or 7:00 every night.” He is definitely looking forward to an easier schedule after the play is over. He adds, “It’ll be great to get the monkey off my back.”

For some of the cast, this isn’t their first time performing. Corbin Matacunas, in particular, has “been in many since 9th grade, but this might be my last since I’d like to try something new…maybe track and field.” On the other hand, Trevor Yanek, Class of 2017, shared this is his first play he has been a part of and says, “It’s been the best! I’m so glad I did it.” Trevor also mentioned, “It’s so different being a part of it rather than watching my friends from the audience. I would totally do it again.”

What about the backstage crew? How did they feel about this performance? Dylan Cake, Class of 2018, tells us that he “loves being backstage” and “loves seeing how everything comes together.” Being a backstage crew can be stressful when the play requires many different props. Though in Peter and the Starcatcher, Dylan says, “even though there wasn’t as much to do being on the crew this time, it was still so fascinating.”

From a spectator’s point of view, the performers received rave reviews. Dr. Garran offered “Bravo!” on Twitter, and Mrs. Kisa shared with her English faculty friends, “The story line is a good one and as a fan of the Peter Pan saga and the idea of staying young forever, it struck a few emotional chords. Lots of layers to this one. Kudos to the cast and crew and of course Stephanie.”

Another audience member Bri Delarge, Class of 2017 says, “It was great” and in a word, “HILARIOUS!” She was most fascinated by the fact that the actors were the set and props. “The actors did an amazing job playing every part, even the inanimate objects. It was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve seen.”