New to CHC? You Are Welcome!

welcoming-facesDo you remember how it feels to be the new kid? Take a moment and ask yourself if you are a true ambassador for our school. Do you make new students feel welcomed?

Dozens of new students attend Cape Henry each year, but do you do your best to make sure they feel welcomed? New Upper school students believe they do, including Claudia King, Class of 2018, who shared her thoughts on her first days of school: “Compared to my previous school (Norfolk Collegiate), the atmosphere here is more bright and exciting.” She added that she will always remember how comfortable everyone made her feel and for her to just be herself. Junior Kelsey McCoy explained that the Cape Henry students made her “feel right at home.” When she was asked about her overall first day experience, she stated that the first day was “possibly the best I’ve ever had.”

Alexandra Land, in her tenth year at CHC, offered her opinion on why she should make sure new students feel welcomed. She responded with, “No matter their age or their grade, I find it important to welcome them all the same because they are a part of our big Cape Henry family. They’re just our newest members.” She was asked how she made them feel welcomed and she offered, “I always smile and make sure that I say ‘hello’ in the hallway when passing them. I think it’s the simple things that will make them feel more engaged in our student life.”

These responses just show how amazing our Cape Henry Collegiate family treats each other with respect and a smiling face. Most new students feel worried and they may even dread the first day, but not Cape Henry students. From Focus Groups, to our small class sizes, to our positive school community, Cape Henry makes welcoming new students look easy. Even before school officially begins, the Admissions Office, notably Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School, periodically sends out newsletters called “Getting your Sea Legs” to ensure that CHC newcomers are happy and prepared for their experience as Cape Henry Dolphins. These letters make sure you are in the “loop” and comfortable within this community! It also shares and advertises all of the major events Cape Henry has to offer. So, if you ever find yourself around new faces, do your part to make sure they feel accepted. welcoming-faces