Drone Technology- Not just a flying camera

Drones are a new, fast-growing technology in the market these days. Many different technologies have created their own drones for personal use, military use, personal transportation, search and rescue, and even firefighting. The most common types of drones for the everyday human are drones capable of flying very high and very fast. These personal drones are great for recreational flying, as many use it to film adventures and take aerial pictures.

Drones have made a whole new world for photographers. Photographers can now take beautiful aerial pictures with much more convenience by not having to be on a plane, helicopter, or even a tall highrise or mountain, as many aerial pictures are captured from these views. Drones are very useful for filming action-packed sports such as skiing, wakeboarding, motocross and any form of racing event. The drone enables one to have the capability of filming from any angle. Some drones even have the capability of following a desired object to take film footage. Drones are perfect for filming wildlife because it is easy to approach the animals due to the fast speeds drones can fly as well as the heights they can reach. Beautiful aerial and close up footage is able to be filmed with the use of drones while keeping the photographer safe due to not having to be close to the area of the video where footage of a dangerous predator is being filmed. 

Drones have helped in many different job fields, such as photography, real estate, search and rescue, firefighting and military use. Real estate agents can now either invest in their own drone and take their own aerial pictures of listed properties or hire a drone photographer to do this. Either way, the convenience is undeniable and spending is reduced because now a photographer does not have to wait on a plane or helicopter to take aerial photos. Real estate agents need these aerial pictures for advertising of their listing, or if a real estate agent wants to get creative they can show a house to a potential buyer through a virtual video from a drone without having to take the buyers out to the property. Drones are increasing productivity in many areas because of this new technology. 

The military uses drones for spying on enemies and evaluating the war grounds to help strategize where to send troops to ensure safety. The military is also capable of using drones to produce drone strikes and attacks on the enemy. Obviously drones that are capable of destroying and hurting people should not be allowed for public use as many people interviewed agree with this. But then you have the extreme drone lovers and ones who believe in all freedoms for the public such as Simon Altmeyer (’20). Simon believes that drones capable of attacking should be legal for public use as Simon just enjoys destruction. He does not wish to hurt anyone; he just wants to destroy objects and possibly mess with his neighbors by attacking trees and cars. Simon is quite an intriguing character for this. 

Search and rescue teams can now find people in any crisis. Wildfires and rough waters are the perfect times for drones to come in for the job and search for people in distress. Thermal cameras have been put on these search and rescue drones in order to find people in any circumstance. Some search and rescue drones are even capable of lifting people up with a rope that drops down. This creates quick and speedy rescue while keeping rescuers out of any potential danger. These same drones that are capable of lifting someone with a rope have also been used recreationally for a new phenomenon called drone boarding. People are using drones to pull them on wakeboards. Not only do you get pulled by the drone but it films you as well. Drones have been made with some strong power as the ability for them to lift people has been seen. Drones have also been used now to put out wildfires and house fires with water hoses and chemicals. These drones can now be sent up to the second floor of the building and spray down the fire without the need of a fire ladder or firemen going into a firefight. Once again these drones are making response and rescue time faster while ensuring rescuer safety.  

The next cool type of drone on the market is personal passenger drones that hold one person in the drone. These drones are like helicopters except with four different propellers around the seating area. They are capable of flying 81 miles per hour. This is the future right here – people can fly fast and directly straight to their destination like the crow flies. In other words, instead of having more distance due to roads having to go around various objects, these drones fly over any structure and waterway. Who would think drones would be taken to this extreme with regard to strength, power, and battery life?

With all these drones just coming out on the market and making a higher presence in society, there are many rules and restrictions for them. Andrew Rachels (’20) believes that drones are awesome and abides by the rules and restrictions that apply. These rules include a height limit to 400 feet to ensure drones do not interfere with the pathways of planes. He believes citizens should not have drones that are capable of destruction as no ordinary citizen can obtain in the present time. Andrew also believes in restrictions that disable drones from being flown near airports due to the possibility of hitting a plane during landing or takeoff. Wyatt Cake (’20) says he loves drones and he’s obsessed with how the military can now take down enemy troops with the use of drones. He does not believe citizens should own drones capable of destruction as Rachels does. Beau Gwaltney (’20) believes in the current drone restrictions and likes them for military and search and rescue purposes. Beau, on the other hand, does not like drones with regard to their capability to potentially stalk another citizen. Drones are the future – they are advancing for different purposes as well as making the beauty of the world come to life.