Conquer the World Now


As Kenyon Salo is a Master Trainer/Speaker, he is also a professional snowboarder, Broncos skydiver, and an experienced comedian. Kenyon’s main message was to conquer the world right now, and not to wait until a later time.

Kenyon came to speak to Cape Henry Collegiate on Monday, February 11. Kenyon loved to get the crowd of Cape Henry involved and to try and build relationships with new people. Kenyon Salo loves to live his life to the extreme and have fun not holding anything back. Once, he sent out a social media post asking what was on the top of people’s bucket list because he wanted to help them conquer it. A few Cape Henry students and a teacher were asked what item is on the top of their bucket list and those things included going to Fiji, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, surfing the Pipeline, and going to the Super Bowl. Kenyon had a different style of speaking to the Cape Henry Community, he was much more enthusiastic and motivational.

When Mrs Johnson was asked why the speaker related to her she said, “I related when he said that we should all be taking advantage of opportunities and don’t let anything hold you back.” Kenyon wanted to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to accomplish everything they want to in their life. Justin Philbrick (‘22) was asked what he liked about the guest speaker and he said, “I liked the guest speaker because he was energetic, funny, and had cool stories.” Cole Downs (‘21) said that he liked the speaker; however, the guest speaker he would prefer to speak next is Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. Kenyon Salo had an overall good review from the Cape Henry population, and they are hopeful that the next speaker will be just as entertaining!