Spring Break 2017 – Traditions and Trips

February is a time of the year where everyone is looking ahead to Spring Break, even counting down the days. Spring Break is a time for many students and teachers to relax and decompress from school work and school life. For many students, they enjoy time with family and relatives by relaxing near home. For others, trips are taken all around the world to exotic places.

For Junior Ben Casey, he is traveling with his baseball team to North Carolina. Ben and his team are going to watch the University of North Carolina compete. Ben shared how he is “so excited for this experience and especially to travel with my team and coaches.”

Junior Reed Goldner and his family change up their vacation destination each year. This Spring Break he is traveling to Miami, Florida with his family and friends. “It will be a good experience for my friends and family,” he says. In previous years, Reed has spent the week of Spring Break in many different places, but has enjoyed going to Puerto Rico the most.

Logan Tucker, a sophomore at Cape Henry, usually stays at home but occasionally takes small road trips with his family. “I spend lots of time with my family in New Jersey, and I enjoy seeing them often.” In previous years, Logan shared how he has spent lots of time in Florida on vacation to visit his hometown where he was born.

During the week of spring break, the given time off that the school allows, is used in many varying ways. Cape Henry families take immensely different trips and getaways. Most find that it is nice to be able to get away from Virginia Beach and engage in new experiences and adventures for a week. Some families take exotic trips and maybe only stay for half the week, getting all of the adventure out of their trip that they can in that time. Cape Henry students also shared that they enjoy taking day trips up to their favorite places within driving distances and shop at their favorite malls or stay in their favorite hotels for the night.

Sydney Dudley shared how her Spring Break this year is slightly different from previous years. This year, Sydney says, “I am taking a road trip down to Florida and visiting colleges my whole way down there. While I am in Florida, I am going to visit my godparents and go shopping and visit lots of beaches.” For Sydney and her family, this year’s Spring Break is one that is filled with things to do and very little relaxation time until they hit the beaches in Florida.

All interviewees were beyond excited for Spring Break to begin, for this is the time when stress goes away and adventure begins. The end of February is always a time where students get less motivated on school work and more interested in their upcoming travels. To all, Spring Break is certainly a well earned break and one that is anticipated upon all year!